Vaping Flavors for Disposable E-Cigarettes

Love Your Potion is an online vape store that offers disposable e-cigarettes. We can ship your favorite vaping flavor nationwide from Los Angeles, California. So you might be wondering, what is the difference between a disposable vape and a reusable vape?


A disposable vape (or e-cigarette, but vape is the mainstream term) is an easy way to start your vaping journey. Disposable vapes are more affordable and require no maintenance, no charging, and no refills for vape juice. These pre-charged vapes just need a quick puff to get them started. One disposable vapes at Love Your Potion are equivalent to a full pack of cigarettes and have a range of up to 300 + puffs. 


A reusable vape is more of a commitment. Once you are comfortable with an e-cigarette style, flavor, and brand, you can make the investment. This type of vape is rechargeable, slim in size for easy storage, and discreet in your pocket or purse. Ordering refills is easy online through our online shop. Sign up for our e-mail newsletter for exclusive deals and new arrival alerts!